Kodak Verichrome


One of my old friends recently, said to me that I should take my time and look through all my work over the last 50 years. I must have taken photographs using all types of film. And when  I turn in a mixed collection of film types for processing unless I take great care in marking the film packages when I get them back from the processor what type of film is in which package is unknown. This can be a problem when you need to know what type of film was used to do a correct print.


When I was sorting out  rolles of film I came across over 30 rolls of old 120, 220,620 and 35mm format film. The films however were even more intriguing because they were used but undeveloped and had 'develop by' dates of over 50 years ago. All were black and white rolls of 120,220,620 where all Kodak Verichrome dated July 1948! Up to May 1955 the 35mm dated up to 1968. I'd already been looking around for somebody to develop the film for me.


So went  down to  Warner Bros. Photo Lab on the Burbank lot, I had to pull my finger out and got the job done. After a couple of false starts I found and contacted David Dawson  at  Warner Bros. Photo Lab oh got all the film procesed and the neg’s checked and  printed. I hope to brings together the stories of One Old  Man's time behind a film camera, an show you some of my  personal still photos taken over 50 years in the film industry.




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