Adult the golden days of the cinema

the golden days of the cinema

Not too long ago, photographs were considered to be an accurate, evidentiary record of reality. This is my collection of my old photographs, and skillfully creates digital collages in Photoshop, merging elements seamlessly, adding shadows to fool the eye. The final results are presented as old-fashioned silver gelatin prints.

Several sets of small photos, resembling snapshots ripped from decades of scrapbooks, are presented together in a single frame. Here the artist has inserted herself into every image, appearing Zelig-like in various eras of the 20th century. In one set, she is a photographer, using various vintage cameras in the 1940s, 1950s,and inti the 60s

Each image is an exact forgery of some photographic format or presentation style: sepia tint, serrated edges, wide white borders, black paper corner mounts, and so on; each is perfectly recreated. These works are almost a compendium of the history of the photographic  in this scrapbook.

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